Event: LeaD in Practice | Seminar

A blended-learning project on Learning Design in Practice
Online phase: October – November 2017
Training course: November 25th – December 3rd, 2017
Follow-up phase: December 2017 – May 2018

Project description:
“LeaD in Practice” is a blended-learning project (combining distance with on-location training) that has been set up to address all the unprocessed, unspoken and unresolved issues and “hot potatoes” that repeatedly emerge during Erasmus+ youth exchanges and training courses and that are usually missed in Training of Trainers courses.

Project Aims:
Improve the competences of youth trainers/learning facilitators in areas which are typicallyleft untouched in training processes, so that they can develop and offer high quality learning projects to their organizations’ learners, while employing principles of Intercultural Dialogue to do so. And at the same time, using an innovative, blended learning format in order to engage the participants and achieve as much a greater learning impact as possible.

Project Objectives:
Improve trainer competences on successful Learning Design when developing, leading/facilitating and evaluating training projects, with a special focus on the particular qualities, values, ethics and style which are typically missed in other training-of-trainer courses

Share good practices (and deconstruct bad practices) of Learning Design in order to improve the quality of mobility activities offered through Erasmus+ and other local initiatives in the partner organizations’ countries

Explore observations, experiences and emotions which remain unprocessed and become "hot potatoes" during training mobilities, so that the participants can learn to identify and deal with them in their future work

Advance the participants’ knowledge and skills on how the principles of Intercultural Dialogue can support the learning process

Allow the participants time and space to receive feedback from their peers on their learning design competences

Formulate, together with the participants, a Model Evaluation Questionnaire that will serve as a necessary step of any future projects the partner organizations will undertake and serve as a tool for any other European organization that wishes to use it

Advance the participants’ knowledge and skills in using online educational platforms and distant learning tools in their work

Represented countries and organizations:
Greece: EDRASE - Eteria Drasewn Epimorfosis (Educational Activities Society) [host
Slovenia: Glotta Nova (center za novo znanje, d.o.o.)
UK: Momentum World Community Interest Company
Latvia: European Educational Circle
Cyprus: Cyprus Youth Council
FYROM: Association of Volunteering (Volonterski Centar Skopje)
Spain: Asociación La Rotllana
Austria: Europäische Bildungsinitiative

Participants’ profile:
24 persons (3 from each country)
22 years of age and above
Already have a role as a youth trainer, youth worker, project manager, trainer or trainer of trainers (to be able to fully engage in sharing good practices, support the learning of the other participants and replicate the gains from the project in their future work)
Interested in engaging in this project in line with the course aims and objectives
Able to communicate well in English
Available and willing to engage fully in the blended learning format of the project (October 2017 – May 2018)

Project Trainers:
Ms. Charis Charalambous (Cyprus) (SALTO Profile: http://trainers.saltoyouth.net/CharisCharalambous/)
Ms. Akrivi Anagnostaki (Greece) Educator , Coursera Mentor