Event: Photo Exhibition by Hiro Fay

Born in Tahiti, with a father and a grandfather painters and artist greek  mother too, I've always been surrounded by paintings, sculpture. And art has always been present in my life.

I was struck by the photography in my 12 years and have never stopped. Self-taught photographe I start with film camera, then few years ago I start again with a digital material. More easy to use I never let my camera works alone 

What interests me most is the effect rendering, shapes and colors to surprise, astonish, and transmit my personal view of things I see, things that sometimes does not exist anymore to reveal effect   color, or abstract  forms. What is important is not what is being photographed but what I give you to see.

Photography is above all a gift that is done to others: it offers its own vision of the universe and life, with his own feelings, his version of the art. 
I arrived in Athens two years ago, and since then I have traversed the streets of this exciting city . My pictures are taken on the spot and show the diversity of Athens.  I prefer to use a short lens (35, or 24mm) to be closer to people.